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Hi and welcome.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I am Martin a professional Business English Language Trainer. I developed this APP for English learners to practice English from anywhere. I help you and your company grow your English language potential and achieve great results with your clients. My Business English Language Training can turn your business into a success. It is my honor to support you in accomplishing your corporate goals.

My 14+ years of Business English experience can give you a valuable advantage in taking on your business opportunities, organizing your future business plans, conducting new cooperations, and achieving your goals. Let me assist you on a journey to your success.


It is a unique educational platform, I created with the help of my IT friends for improving English conversation. Prepare for an interview, or IELTS exam, and immerse yourself in the topics used in Business English and other professional English, through the web platform or your smartphone.

Learning grammar and vocabulary is crucial and all of us would like to use them in real life. How to learn to speak English? Try GDE learning platform

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We are the team of truly dedicated English teachers who enjoy their work and consider teaching to be a mission. We met out in the world and the world has brought us all together again! We know how you feel. We’ve been in your shoes as well. We studied and struggled to conquer the obstacles of the English language too. It’s not an easy ride to become a fluent English speaker. Now we know how to achieve it and we want to help you!

Here you are! We are here only for you! Stress-free and real-time discussions – we care about your goals and dreams to learn English easily and fluently. Come on and join us. We would like to have you on board!


GOOD DAY ENGLISH –is a unique educational app through which you can engage in real English conversation and get in touch with native level English teaching professionals and speakers from all around the world, live. Learning grammar and vocabulary is crucial and all of us would like to use them in a real life. How to learn English speaking? Try our  GDE app.

Choose the time, topic, and even your teacher from anywhere in the world. Now, you are all set to practice your English live. You can learn the English language comfortably everywhere, literally – in the park, coffee shop, sipping your tea at home. Stuck in a traffic jam? No worries, you can connect and join a class anywhere you are! 

Select one of our native speakers and experienced foreign English teachers. They will help you improve your conversation, correct pronunciation, encourage and advise how to speak English fluently.  

We are more than flexible and the only thing you need is an Internet connection.

Good Day English works 24/7, we do not close, we are open non-stop for you with your full support of the student service center anytime you need anything.



Morgan has been helping students for almost 20 years. He has worked with students in China, Saudi Arabia and the Marshall Islands. Morgan loves photography and traveling. He enjoys speaking with his students and seeing their improvement.



is the Director of Studies at Central Pacific College in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has experienced teaching learners of English from across the world. He enjoys being outside whether it’s surfing, fishing, hiking or having a BBQ with friends, and he is always open for a great conversation


The designer and studio artist in Honolulu, Hawaii. She has experience teaching English to learners of a variety of levels, first languages and ages. She enjoys designing clothing and doing art, skateboarding, surfing and reading or having conversation in either Spanish or English (she’s bilingual and from Colombia).



English Instructor at the College of the Marshall Islands with rich experience in university and language institutions teaching in Fiji, China and the Marshall Islands. He’s always fun to talk to, loves motivating and helping his students improve their language skills. Martin enjoys summer, traveling the world and staying positive. 



English teacher at Collegio Bilingue de Valledupar in Colombia with a lot of teaching experience in ESL around Europe and Latin America. Jana is very talkative and positive, always happy to encourage her students to speak English. She is a real traveler, adventurer, and yoga lover with a positive life attitude. Jana believes that everyone can learn English if there is a will.



ESL teacher majored in English Education. Teaching in China in different training schools and Hunan College of Foreign Studies. He involves his students in his teaching and pays attention to their different needs. His classes are fun. He is easy going and he enjoys making new friends.

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