1.  How can I register?

Firstly, download the GDE app, register, and create a personal profile. Purchase any of the packages, select the time, topic, and teacher.

2.  Is the GDE app suitable for me if I don’t speak and understand English at all?

No, GDE online classes are not for the students who do not understand and are only starting to speak English. You need to have at least a little knowledge to communicate with our native English speakers.

3.  Is it necessary to download and install the GDE app to learn English?

Yes, we highly recommend downloading and installing GDE app. You can log in to your GDE profile on your PC/laptop and have an online class through the web application on your computer with the web camera. However, the advantage of the GDE app in your smartphone or tablet is the higher level of comfort and flexibility we can offer. You can connect anywhere and start learning comfortably and immediately.

4.  What device do I need to learn with the GDE app?

GDE app works on all devices supporting Android, iOS, and Windows. You can log in to the GDE app either with your smartphone, tablet, or web app on your PC. You can download it in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

5.  How can I book my online class?

It’s pretty simple: log in to the GDE app, go to the “Book / Cancel” section, select the day you wish to learn, choose any time when there’s a teacher available and choose your favorite topic. Confirm your booking and you are ready to go! Really simple 😊

6.  Where can I select the teacher and find out more information?

After purchasing one of the packages in the GDE app, you will fully unlock your app. Watch the teachers’ introduction videos, their rating, short bio, and topics they are excellent at.

7.  How can I choose the topics suitable for my level of English speaking?

The level of each topic is marked with a star. The lowest level is marked with one star up to the highest with three stars.

8.  Can I cancel my booked online class or change the date or time?

Yes, of course, you can. We are very flexible and happy to accommodate your demands. You can cancel your online class up to 12 hours before your original booking, for free. Do not forget to select another suitable date and time that meets your requirements.

9.  Can I cancel my purchased package and will you refund me back?

You can try your first 20-minutes trial online class for free and make sure you like the app and want to purchase one of the packages. We would be very glad to have you on board.

However, cancelation of the purchased package is possible on or before the 14th calendar day from the date of the purchase of online classes – the cancelation fee is 30% of the purchased package.

10.  Do I need to turn my camera on when studying online? 

No, you don’t need to turn your camera on. However, it’s highly advisable to turn your camera on so that the teacher can see you the same as you can see your teacher. 

Keep in your mind that it’ll be a bit more difficult for the teacher to assess and feel whether you are on the same page with him/her or not. With the camera on, your communication becomes more personal and the teacher can tailor the right teaching strategy to your needs to improve your English.