How to book a class in our GDE app?

Once you download our GDE app and enter the main menu (dashboard), it is super easy to navigate. Follow these steps, watch the video and that’s all you need to start learning with Good Day English.

  1. Click on “BOOK / CANCEL” and you are in the booking system, the brain center of the app. It’s OK to see the following time slots unavailable and scratched out. Make a booking 12 hours ahead of the current time due to the booking system settings. 
  • There is also a BONUS – book your class immediately in case some lecturer is set “online” and available right now.

2. Choose a day you wish to have your class. 

3. The time slots in green boxes show you the availability of our lecturers. Click any time you desire to have your class. 

4. Select your lecturer. There could be more lecturers available in a time slot. If you are interested in a specific lecturer and you don’t want to search all the time slots and look for your favorite lecturer, go to the “TEACHERS” section in the main menu. Select your lecturer, click and see his/her availability. Click on the lecturer’s schedule and you will be automatically redirected to “BOOK / CANCEL”.

5. Choose any topic from different categories.* Stars rating from 1 (beginners) to 3 (advanced) represents the difficulty level. You can browse all the topics and their contents in “ALL TOPICS”

* ”Free Talk” topic is pre-set for a Trial Class

6. Confirm your selection by clicking “OK”. You are all set and ready to learn!


Wait for the beginning of your class and join. 


7. Go to “UPCOMING CLASSES” to join the class.


Let’s summarize it in 6 simple steps:

  1. Go to “BOOK/CANCEL”
  2. Choose a day
  3. Select a time
  4. Select your favorite lecturer (limited number of lecturers for a trial class)
  5. Choose a topic
  6. Confirm the selection


  1. As you can see, in such a small English app, with just 10 to 20 minutes a day, you can easily finish all the lessons in Duolingo in around three months. Overall this is one of the best apps for learning English at the beginner levels.

    1. Yes, agreed, Antonio. However, you cannot join any live talk with real lecturers in Duolingo. Duolingo is great for learning the vocabulary, however, missing real-life practice. That’s what we offer in Good Day English – real-life speaking.

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