6 reasons to study English online

6 practical reasons to study English online + 1 BONUS

We live in the online world regardless of what we do. English accompanies us almost everywhere and is becoming a part of our lives. 

If you want to learn English, an online experience can be even more beneficial and productive than sitting in the classroom with a big group of students. 

Studying English online can easily be a pleasant experience too. Today, let’s check out 6 practical reasons to study English online. 

1. Killing commute

In today’s busy time and huge workload, we tend to finish work late in the evening or at night. It takes a certain time to commute back home. It’s a difficult task during the peak hours of traffic jams that usually cause delays. It is surreal to be on time for your evening English classes at the local language school downtown. 

Let’s take a look at our Mike:

Mike is an assistant manager in a multinational top-ranked company. He is aiming to achieve a promotion, that’s his motivation to study the English language. He finishes work at 6 pm. If he wants to make it to the evening class at the local English language school downtown beginning at 7 pm, he must put the pedal to the metal. It is a demanding challenge to make it through the evening traffic jams. Nerves are wrecking down and tension is too high.

Mike is the super-skilled driver and can make it to downtown by 6:50 pm. Finding the parking spot takes him at least 5 additional minutes. He pays the parking fee conveniently through the app online and can make his chase successful by 7 pm. Mike reaches the language school together with other hard-working classmates rushing from their jobs to join the class while catching the breath and untwisting their tongues with English speaking. 

Does that sound familiar to your daily routine? 

2. Comfort as a privilege and priority

Mike already knows that he doesn’t need to rush and can study the English lessons online, even from the comfort of his home. Eventually, from any place in the world, anywhere he wishes! Indeed! Mike has just experienced that on his own and is still positive about it. Believe it or not, he can study online while on his vacation too. Thus, he can combine learning with pleasure and join his online English classes at the coffee shop, though. 

Another cool thing about it is that he doesn’t need to dress formally and look sharp during his online education. And that makes Mike feel comfortable. He wears a formal suit in his office all day long, therefore, he enjoys dressing casually “behind the screen”. He can also walk in the garden or just sit comfortably on his sofa during the classes.

3. Stress-free

And on top of that, it’s all “stress-free” without any worries, because Mike is in his comfort zone at home, on his sofa, out of the traditional classroom environment at school. The experienced and skilled online teacher can guide him from the comfort of his home into the world of English learning. Mike keeps feeling comfortable and makes everything happen with a big wide smile on his face while speaking English. 

Learning English online from the comfort of home helps Mike, the couch potato, reach up to 25% increased results. And that is a real game-changer! There are no barriers to overcome in English speaking online when compared to his shy performance in the offline classroom education. Now, Mike can easily speak English with native speakers from different parts of the world. This is a great experience Mike praises a lot. As a result, he talks and sees his favorite teachers online even more frequently. 

4. Save your costs

Mike can easily save a considerable amount of money for parking, gas, public transport (including the occasional speeding tickets when he’s late and drives like Schumacher) when conducting an online form of education. Due to the saved expenses, he’s already been on a vacation trip and plans to buy a tablet to enjoy his online classes in HD resolution. 

If Mike compares all the expenses he has spent on traditional English classes, he can save with online classes quite a lot. He is free of any admin fees, transportation costs and, on the other hand, can find various discounts and sales for online classes. And let’s be honest, everybody enjoys discounts! 

5. Time flexibility

Mike has become more time-flexible with online education because he was often late at the language school due to his busy work schedule and business trips. Therefore, he missed too many classes. When he made it back again, he was unable to join the education process and any ongoing discussion. Consequently, he dropped off the course ashamed and blaming himself. 

Thus, Mike is the master of his time now. When he is free at the lunch break, he goes online to check whether there are any of his favorite teachers available online. Usually, he finds what he’s looking for and talks to native English teachers, even though, from the other side of the globe. Moreover, he can hardly imagine a more pleasant lunch break. 

6. Availability

English online education has never been more accessible than nowadays. Internet access reaches even more remote places and is, therefore, available to the wide public. It is convenient to learn English online anywhere in the world. 

Mike used to live in the countryside and the English courses were hardly available to him. He was simply too busy with studying and working to drive to school and back. Since he has found out the magic of online English courses, the world has become much closer to the countryside as well. 

Now, Mike takes it easy and it’s unnecessary to rush anywhere. The others are rushing to join him ☺ 

BONUS: Online is always “on” (and “open”)

Although all the schools are closed or are restricted to open recently, online education flourishes now. Despite the online world can easily drive us nuts, Mike keeps himself as cool as cucumber. He follows his dream with peace in mind and has already managed to get the essentials of the Cockney British accent ☺ 

He makes the most of his time, improves the skills and when there’s an opportunity coming up, Mike is ready. Well, he’s an AAA-class and aspires to the highest ambitions.

And what about you? Is your free time sufficient? Do you wish to keep on rushing or would you like to follow Mike? 

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