5 best apps for learning English

The apps are the best tool to learn English. They are easy to navigate, fun, and flexible. This learning method has brought the revolution in learning languages! The students can easily improve their listening, writing, reading, and even speaking skills. 

Most of the apps offer word plays to improve your vocabulary. You can find the grammar lessons and interactive material to learn from the pictures and audio records of popular books, TV series, and movies. 

They are a perfect addition to your English language education. The apps can benefit your learning experience and accompany your journey to acquiring fluency in speaking. However, it is good to note that only a few apps can fully replace human contact if you wish to learn English to practice in a real-life conversation.

Well, if you do not have any app downloaded yet, do not hesitate and do it. This guide on the app functions helps you decide on which app is the best fit for your study plan.

1. DUOLINGO - play and learn the English phrases and expressions

We are certainly sure that you have heard about this popular language app welcoming you with a green cute little owl. 

The idea is to learn the vocabulary and simple English grammar playing the game. Unlock different levels and win the virtual coins. The entertaining lessons are built around the translation of the words “from” and “to” the English language. Voice messages recording is a part of the lesson plan. 


The app is constantly following your progress and scores your effort. Your success can bring you to a higher level. You are also competing with other students worldwide to place a better ranking.

The app method is based on the memorization of phrases and vocabulary. The students also need to find other resources and forms of education to understand the basics of the English language.

duolingo- learning app

Babbel belongs to one of the popular educational apps. It offers its users a new form of experience in learning the language. Train your English pronunciation here. 


It offers 10-15 minutes lessons practicing your pronunciation with automatic voice recognition. Train your English grammar and phrases. Effective flashcards are available to memorize the phrases and sentences from your last lessons. 


There is a FREE and prepaid version. You can find many tests focusing on vocabulary and grammar issues. It is a great balance between the entertaining apps for learning the English language through the games and difficult language courses. 

We learn English or any other language to communicate abroad. This app offers the possibility to communicate with people worldwide through text and pre-recorded voice messages. 

There is an in-built function of the English grammar correction which can help you correct the mistakes in your message. You can also find voice recognition to improve your English pronunciation here. 

Are you not sure whether your pronunciation is correct? Get your answer from a native speaker directly in the app. Just send him a voice message with your voice recording. 

It is a great choice to break the glaciers and fear from communication with the foreigner. However, it is missing the human touch using all your cognitive senses. 


If you want to improve your English listening skills and understand its written form, this app is the ideal choice for you. Improve your grammar and pronunciation and develop your English skills with the recent stories and news. Learn English natural expressions you can use in your daily communication.

Download, watch and listen to the video or audio recordings in the app. Follow the subtitles or read the transcript attached to every lesson. The app runs in the background while you can still listen to the audio lesson. It is a great choice when you want to learn English by listening. 


Learn English anywhere, on the bus, while walking, or jogging. Check your comprehension after listening to the audio activity. There are many quizzes ready to check your listening skills. 

Have you joined a couple of English language courses and still cannot understand the English speakers? Do you miss the practical speaking skills? Are you afraid of speaking to foreigners?

It’s the right time to use this app now. Train your conversational skills with English lecturers worldwide in live discussions. You will eliminate your fear to speak English. It is a simple and effective practice for a real-life conversation. 


You will enjoy talking to our lecturers. There are more than 200 topics in the app. Select any of them, follow the dialogues, and learn to communicate. Practice the topic you need in your real-life talks with your friends in daily life.

The stars represent the topic rating. Select the “Free Talk” in the app to talk with the lecturer about anything you wish. 

Improve your:

  • speaking technique
  • listening
  • grammar
  • vocabulary

A simple booking system enables you to book a lesson with any lecturer once you are available. You will get notified with the app about your upcoming class. 



Learning with the app is entertaining. You feel the hard work on your dream language goal. Many apps can boost your vocabulary, reading, and writing skills to a higher level. 

You can learn to understand native English speakers or improve grammar with many apps. However, none of them can handle all of the language skills altogether.

Every app has its pros and cons. It is advisable to combine them with other appropriate forms of studying in your attempt to learn the English language. 

Once having too much free time, join traditional face-to-face classes. If you are busy or prefer a more comfortable form of education, live online courses are a great choice. The advantage is real live contact with the lecturer. You will get feedback immediately and can learn anytime from the comfort of your home. 

The online learning app GOOD DAY ENGLISH offers to deliver English language courses. 

PRACTICE THE SPEAKING - the essential rule to learn the English language

It is difficult to replace the English conversational practice in your daily discussion. Speaking with native English speakers and teaching professionals is the advantage students can benefit from. 

You can progress surprisingly fast in the English language after several weeks of real live English conversation. 

Experience live English conversation today! GOOD DAY ENGLISH app is your choice. Book your trial class HERE

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