Love is in the air with these English phrases!

English phrases and idioms are an important part of written and spoken English. Each of them has its special meaning. Therefore, if you wish your English to sound natural, it is good to know them.

In this article, you can find the most common English romantic phrases and idioms to let her/him fall in love with you. Make your Valentine’s Day vocabulary outstanding and use it throughout the entire year. 

ask someone out (phrasal verb)

You usually address this phrase to someone who you have feelings for and wish to spend a romantic evening (or even a night). 

e.g. He asked her out for a movie and dinner afterward.

make eyes at someone (idiom)

When you consider someone attractive, the easiest way to show your affection is by making eye contact. 

e.g. It’s so obvious she has a crush on him. She was making eyes at him all day long!

love at first sight (idiom)

A strong attractiveness or fascination by someone who you meet for the first time in your life. 

e.g. It’s love at first sight for Mike, he asks Carmen to join him for a walk on the beach.

fall in love (phrase)

Once you turn your friendly relationship into the romantic one filled up with love. 

e.g. If you fall in love with your Mr. Right, every day is like Valentine’s Day.

take someone's breath away (idiom)

To make someone feel surprised and astonished, to inspire someone with awed respect or delight. 

e.g. She always takes my breath away when we go on a date.


be made for each other (phrase)

If you are made for each other with your perfect partner, you match both with your characters and personalities.

e.g. Life with her is amazing. I think we’re made for each other

fall head over heels in love (idiom)

To fall suddenly and deeply in love with someone who makes you completely in love. 

e.g. She fell head over heels in love with Andre and they have decided to get married soon.

have a crush on someone (idiom)

A crush refers to romantic feelings for someone that go unexpressed. Unfortunately, it is usually one-sided only. 

e.g. She had a crush on him for years but was too scared to ever talk to him.

a match made in heaven (idiom)

An extremely well-suited pairing of people or things, a match that will result in a particularly positive or successful outcome. 

e.g. I wish Pete and Anne get married soon. They are a match made in heaven.

tie the knot (idiom)

To get married. Its origin comes from the ancient tradition of binding the hands of bride and groom with lengths of cloth, cord, or rope. It is meant to be a symbol of their lasting union. 

e.g. The couple decided to tie the knot after their 10-year romance.


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